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The company Neogen

The company Neogen

Neogen N.V. is an established pharmaceutical company, based in Brussels. We are part of the Alter Pharma group, a Belgian pharmaceutical agglomerate with focus on the development and manufacturing of pharmaceutical products destined for markets worldwide. We use robust and reliable third party manufacturers, all with valid GMP accreditations from competent authorities in EU and/or the US.

The Alter Pharma Group

Our senior management, Business Development team and R&D team in the Alter Pharma group have vast years of experience in identifying, developing niche generics, complex generics and added value products for markets worldwide.

The team behind Neogen N.V. have a long experience within the multinational generic industry and is focused on making a difference to our partners every day.

Company figures

We work in a multicultural environment with more than 16 nationalities and we are today around 145 employees across our offices in Brussels, Dublin and Minnesota.

We have more than 20 molecules launched in more than 55 countries and we have more than 300 licensing and supply agreements signed on 6 continents (Asia, Africa, North America, South America, Europe, and Australia).

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