We out-license high-quality products developed internally or through collaborative agreements with other product developers. We provide competitive prices and we work in strict accordance with cGMP. We ensure all products are launched on time.

Our business model consists of licensing, registration support and long term supply. At Neogen, we’re strongly committed to supporting niche products, geographically specific and markets under development, to achieve the highest standards in this segment.

We are a multicultural organization working in an entrepreneurial environment.

Alter Pharma Group

Neogen is part of the Alter Pharma Group, a Belgian pharmaceutical agglomerate which focuses on the development, manufacturing and distribution of pharmaceutical products. Alter Pharma uses robust and reliable third-party manufacturers, all with valid GMP accreditations from competent authorities in EU and/or the US.

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Who we are

We work in a multicultural environment with more than 16 nationalities and just over 145 employees across our offices in Brussels, Dublin and Minnesota.

We launched more than 20 molecules in over 55 countries and signed more than 300 licensing and supply agreements on 6 continents (Asia, Africa, North America, South America, Europe, and Australia).

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